Church of Christ of Greater Montreal

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About the church...




The Church was predicted by the prophets of the Old Testament (Isaiah 2:2,3; Daniel 2:44) as well as by Jesus himself (Matthew 16:18). Jesus told his apostles that they would receive power from the Holy Spirit to guide them into the truth (Luke 24:49; John 16:13; Acts 1:4-8). The apostles received this power on the day of Pentacost (Acts 2) and the church was and is transformed by those who believe the message, repented, and were baptized (Acts 2:38, 41, 47).


Who are the churches of Christ and what do they believe in?


We are undenominational and have no central headquarters. The head of the church is none other than Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:22-23). Each congregation of the churches of Christ is autonomous, and it is the Word of God that unites us into One Faith (Ephesians 4:3-6). We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and his holy Apostles, and not the teachings of man. We are Christians only!




1) HEAR the Gospel ---> Acts 18:8; Romans 10:17

2) BELIEVE the Gospel ---> John 3:16; John 8:24; Hebrews 11:6

3) REPENT of sins ---> Luke 13:3; Acts 17:30; 2 Peter 3:9

4) CONFESS Jesus as the son of God ---> Matthew 10:32-33; Acts 8:37; Romans 10:9-10

5) BE BAPTIZED for the remission of sins ---> Mark 16:15; Acts 2:37-38; Acts 22:16; Romans 6:3-4; Galatians 3:26-27; 1 Peter 3:20-21



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